A Street Hawker

The person who earns his living by hawking from street to street is a street hawker .He carries his goods on heads , on heads and sometime in a small push cart. He generally buys things at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. He is cunning and so he knows his business well. women and children are his customers. He brings toys , sweets and other things for children .He also brings bangles , ribbons , clothes fruits , utensils, fancy goods and things of domestic use. He makes  strange sound to draw the attention of his customers.  He comes when the housemasters are not at home. Actually he lives a very hard life.


(a) Who is a street hawker?

(b) How does he carry his goods?

(c) Why does he know his business well?

(d) What does he bring for women and children?

(e) When does he come?