Anne Heche Car Accident

Actress Anne Heche Car Accident

Anne Heche is a Hollywood actress of the late 1990s. Recently, 53-year-old Anne Heche was seriously injured in a car accident. According to sources in the newspaper, actress Heche is currently hospitalized with serious injuries after crashing into a house in Mar Vista neighborhood at high speed on Friday (05.08.22). His physical condition is not very good. He is in “stable condition”.

Anne Heche is in a coma after a car accident

Describing Hatch’s condition, a spokesman for the actor said Monday, four days later, he was in critical condition, comatose and attached to a ventilator. Many were eyewitnesses to this tragedy of Hatch. Those who informed about his physical condition. Michael McConnell said, “At this time, he is in very critical condition, with even severe pulmonary injuries that require mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention.”

Actress Anne Heche Car Accident

Heche, 53, was driving the compact car in Los Angeles’ Westside neighborhood Friday morning after it plowed into a house and burst into flames. No one inside the home was injured. But the house caught fire in such a way that the house was completely burnt. The situation was brought back to normal by the fire fighting team.

Lynn Michel, who owns the house that was destroyed in the crash, was also injured. The Los Angeles Times quoted Venice Beach salon owner Richard Glass as saying that Heche had visited his shop shortly before the accident, buying a red wig on Friday morning.

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Anne Heche made tabloid headlines for her relationship with comedian Ellen DeGeneres after DeGeneres came out as a lesbian. After their divorce, Heche married cameraman Coleman Lafune. But their relationship did not last. A few years later, Heche was involve in a relationship with actor James Tupper, her co-star on the short-lived TV show “Men in Trees.”


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