– Covid-19 Vaccine Registration for National University Students

Nu Authority brings great good news for the students studying in all the colleges / educational institutions affiliated to the National University. Registration has been arranged for all students to be vaccinated to prevent the spread of the global epidemic Covid-19 and to avoid health risks. Recently, a notification regarding Covid-19 Vaccine Registration was published on the official website of the National University. So if you are a student of a national university, complete your Covid-19 vaccine registration by entering the link given below.

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Info

An online press summary of the National University was held on 09 July 2021. It was decided to open an educational institution quickly and take exams. However, all students must complete vaccination. According to the notice National University (NU) Corona Vaccine Registration is starts on 9 July, 2021 and ends on 12 July, 2021. The application process is online base. Undoubtedly It is a good news for National University student. However submit your application before deadline. Otherwise you cannot participate in the test.

National University Corona Vaccine Registration

When the Conora virus spread among the people of Bangladesh, the Ministry of Education announced the closure of educational institutions thinking of the students. As a result, all lessons and examinations are closed. The students are worried as all the educational institutions have been closed for a long time. No specific date has been set for when the educational institution will open. However, regarding the opening of educational institutions, the education minister said that all students will be vaccinated first. The first of which was launched by the National University. Covid-19 Registration Notice

Before starting online application read the whole notice. Then prepare yourself for online application. It is too easy process. You can complete your online application to stay at home. Because the application process is online base. By the way if you face any problem then inform us. We try to solve your problem as soon as possible. In addition share this post with your friends & relatives through Facebook/What-apps. It is helpful for them. For more details visit National University official website and Apply Online

Time for National University vaccine application is very limited. As a result, millions of students are registering simultaneously. But it is a matter of sorrow. The server is jammed. As a result, many are failing to apply. Which has made the students anxious. However, we have come forward to solve this problem. I will tell you about a shortcut method so that you can easily complete the registration.

  • First at all you need to visit
  • Wait a short time for loading the homepage.
  • Then input your Registration (Any year) Number.
  • If your registration number is accurate then you information come in front of you.
  • Submit some information. For example Date of Birth, Mobile Number, National ID Card Number.
  • Then Select No Covid-19 Vaccine Taken Box. Otherwise you will not be accepted for the vaccine.
  • Give your current Residential Status.
  • Check all information before click submit button.
  • Finally Submit your online application.
  • You will receive a confirmation status. As like Covid-19 Student Registration Data (17315036278) submitted successfully!
  • Wait the Covid-19 Vaccine date & time through SMS.

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration Apply Online

Terms & Conditions

National University is a big platform in Bangladesh. A large number of students study there. There are 2254 colleges under the National University. Everyone is staying at home now. The main reason is the Corona Pandamic situation. To deal with this situation, it has been decided to vaccinate all students / teachers. Through which it is possible to re-introduce educational institutions. Therefore, all students are requested to register by entering the official link provided by the National University.

  • To register you need to be a regular / irregular student of the National University.
  • Must have registration number for any year.
  • National Identity Card Number needed.
  • The National University may extend the registration date of the vaccine at any time.
  • Web pages error, server problems or any kind of information send mail In addition you can share your problem with us.

The End

I have completed my application. What have you done? If not, submit online immediately. The vaccine is mandatory for all students. Complete NU Covid-19 Vaccine Registration. The specific date for vaccination will then be informed via SMS.

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