How to Cheek GP Number – GP Number dekhar upaiy

In today’s modern era, mobile phones are in everyone’s hands. But mobile phones connect through SIM. Now SIM cards are available from different companies. But today we will discuss Grameenphone SIM card. Most people in Bangladesh use GP SIM. But many people do not know how to see GP Number, GP MB Offer and Balance, GP Minute Offer and Balance, GP SMS Offer and Balance? This is our article about all those rules. From this article you will know the answers to all the questions. So read this article carefully. Then you can easily learn all other rules including GP number checking rules.

GP Number Cheek Code

GP SIM Company is an old reputed company in Bangladesh. Internet service is available from anywhere in the country due to its advanced network system. So the demand of this SIM is increasing day by day. If you are a GP SIM subscriber then you will understand its benefits.

But this sim has some disadvantages too. The prices of various packages including call rates of this SIM have increased compared to earlier. Due to which the customers expressed dissatisfaction. Also sometimes internet speed becomes very low. For which the customers suffer.

However, compared to other SIMs, the demand for GP SIMs in Bangladesh is huge. There are many customers who use GP SIM. Many of them have simple SIM numbers and many of them have very difficult SIM numbers. In that case it becomes difficult to remember the number. There are many people whose SIM number is difficult, they forget that SIM number.

How To Cheek Your GP Number USSD Code *2#

You need to remember your SIM number. Because we use this sim in different ways for different purposes. Now online mobile banking services have been launched. You can easily transact money through mobile phone. SIM is required for that. Most people in Bangladesh have mobile banking accounts opened on GP SIM. You can even transfer money from one place to another using that SIM number. That is why it is very important to remember your SIM number.

But what if you don’t remember your number at the time of need? In this article we will tell you how to check GP number. So let’s know how to get GP SIM number.

  • To check your GP number, you need to go to the dial option of the mobile first.
  • Then dial *2# and click on the green button on the top left side.
  • Wait a while.
  • Your GP SIM number will show on the mobile screen.
  • By following this method you will know your sim number very easily.
  • There is also another way to check the SIM number.
  • You can know by dialing *111*8#.

GP MB Offer and Balance

GP SIM companies often give many types of package offers to increase their customers, one of which is GP MB Offer and Balance. By accepting this offer, you can buy MB and use internet for very less money. Which many customers get service by accepting this offer. But there are many customers who don’t know how to get GP MB Offer and Balance offer. For them we have described here the rules to view GP MB Offer.

  • To get this offer you need to dial *121*1*2# and click on the green button.
  • You can also know about your balance by dialing *567#.

GP Minute Offer and Balance

GP Minute Offer is like all other offers on GP SIM. There are different packages. All packages are offered by day. For example: 3, 7, 10, 15, 30 days are offered. But here the offer amount is fixed as per day. This offer has to be accepted by paying less money for short day package and more money for long day package. For example you can talk at 1 paise per second for 30 days for Rs 109. There are different types of such minute packages.

But if you don’t know the rules to check balance after talking after buying GP minutes. Then there is no reason to worry. We have provided the rules to check GP Minute Offer and Balance here.

If you want to check GP Minute Offer and Balance you need to dial *121*1*2#. Then you will get an idea about your minute balance.

GP SMS Offer and Balance

Our young generation youths use SMS more. Basically they take GP SMS Offer. Like all other packages, GP SMS Offer has different types of packages. Which is much more affordable than Minute Bandel. For the convenience of many people who have bought GP SMS Offer but do not know about the GP SMS checking procedure, the procedure to check GP SMS is given below.

To check GP SMS Offer and Balance package you need to dial *566*24# or *566*20#.

Hope you all got to know the right rules to check the different offers of GP SIM. By following these rules you can easily know about any package. Besides, if you have any question about GP SIM, you can comment it on our website. We will try to answer all those questions. Thanks for being with us.

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