The paper from which we get mainly news is called a newspaper. The word “NEWS” is formed by putting together the initial word of North East West and South. It is a kind of printing paper.

The Daily Newspaper

It carries news and views of home and abroad to us. In todays worid  it is as important as food and drink. Venice in Europe was the first to bring out Newspaper. During Mughul rule a kind of manuscript was in use. The Indian Gazette was the first printed one. Samacher darpon was the first Bengail newspaper. there are various kinds of newspapers, these are dailies, bi-weeklies, weeklies, fortnightlies and monthlies. the daily newspapers give us current and fresh news of the day of home and abroad. the weeklies deal with the important news of the week. the monthlies chiefly contani stories, dramas and poems.

Reading Newspaper
Reading Newspaper

Importance of reading Newspaper

Nowadys we have a good number of Bengali and English dailies and weeklies in our Bangladesh. these are” the Bangladesh odserver ,” the Daily star”the lndependent”,the new Age”the prothom Alo,  juganther” The lttefaq”The Inqilab” The Naya Diganta” etc. There are many newspaper which are known as periodicals and magazine. the newspaper  is very useful to all sections of people.

It gives us both information and pleasure. It tells us what is going on in our country as well as other foreign countries. It teacher the student to think of the world outside their own country. In a

Newspaper Paragraph

world, the newspaper is the summary of current history. The newspaper  has a dark side as will. sometimes they may be harmful to the nation. They mislead the people and create misunderstanding publish.

Newspaper are like mirrors. so  modern life is impossible without It. It gives us knowledge and aducates us. it is the link between the press, people and government.

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