Viva Exam Preparation 2021

Viva Preparation

Dear friends, I hope everyone is well. Despite having good results in the educational life of many of us, it is seen that we cannot present our qualifications in the Viva Board. Again, many people get a chance to take the Viva exam despite the bad results, then Viva gets a job as a result of doing well on the board. In this article I will try to give some Viva tips on how to do very well in Viva and Viva tips, some common possible questions will be discussed. Below the full details of Viva Exam Preparation 2021.

Viva Preparation 2021

Let me say at the outset, this article is applicable to all people, I hope those who want to prepare themselves for the job will benefit a lot through this article. An organization must want to hire skilled people. They will hire you to their organization through various screenings. A job seeker’s educational qualifications, smartness, eloquence, presentation techniques, etc. are very important.A lot of times we disqualify ourselves unknowingly as soon as we enter the room. As a result, the employers said goodbye with polite questions. I will now share some strategies to avoid this situation.

Viva Tips

You must use strategy when creating your CV / biodata or resume. You need to focus on the biodata about the position you have applied for. A forwarding letter should also be given along with the CV if required. Biographies Many times job seekers present wrong information to prove themselves worthy which should not be done at all because if you find out about it later, you may be embarrassed and may even leave the job. Biographies and forwarding letters can never be misspelled. Check a few times if necessary.

Necessary Document

Keep the required documents (educational qualification, marksheet, various short course certificates, experience certificates, pictures) etc. with you. These may be needed at any time on the Viva board and you must keep a pen. To keep these you can keep a good quality bag, briefcase with you which will keep your grooming issue very formal. However, bags or briefcases or biodata bags should not be placed on the table but should be kept somewhere nearby 

Feel Energy

Avoid fatigue. Do not come just before the appointed time, but be present in advance and enliven yourself by appearing half an hour earlier. It is not right to wake up at night before Viber. When you wake up at night, you will feel tired and in many cases you can confuse the things you know.

Time maintenance

Viva should appear on the board within the stipulated time. Viva will never be late to the board. Always try to wear formal shirts and pants. It must be accompanied by a formal show. Not being able to come to Viva board on time is enough to prove your incompetence.


Enter with permission with salutation. When speaking, make sure that your hands and feet do not move. When the interviewer asks you a question, look at him and try to answer. Many people look at the head of the Viva board and answer the question, it is not right. Keep in mind that you have to answer the question by looking at the interviewer who asked you the question.


When giving viva, avoid regionalism and make sure that regionalism is not expressed in any way. If the interviewer asks you a question in Bengali, you have to answer it in Bengali and if you ask a question in English, try to answer in English. Whether it is Bengali or English, try to keep the pronunciation correct. Be careful about pronunciation.

Viva Exam Preparation 2021

You must have a good idea about the organization before giving viva. If possible, be aware of who will be present on the viva Board. If necessary, ideas about the test center can be kept. In this case, additional benefits will be available. If you have a good idea about the organization, in many cases, according to the workings of the organization, your skills, and confidence can be presented, which will be a plus point for you

Last Stage

Try to answer briefly with a smile, avoid irrelevant issues, try not to sit with a sullen face. Try to answer all the questions with a smile. You can’t laugh for no reason, if you don’t know the answer to any question, you have to politely say sorry sir or you don’t know sir. Many a times the interviewer intentionally tries to confuse the examinee by asking irrelevant questions or checks the mentality, at this time he will try to answer all the questions calmly without any hesitation. Present yourself politely, it is better not to sit on a chair leaning. Also, don’t try to look over smart by going smart many times. It will be a dramatic gesture that will ruin your beautiful, smooth harp. There is no way to resort to lies. False information can bring you danger in the future.

Short questions for Viva Board

We learned about Viva Tips. This time we will know about some common questions in Viva Board. Below are some common questions on the Viva Board, please be kindly asked to arrange the questions as you like.

  • Talk about yourself for 5 minutes (in Bengali / English)
  • Does your name have any meaning? Tell me if you have.
  • Criticize yourself.
  • What is your favorite hobby
  • What is the name of your district? Say 1 minute about the district.
  • Name some of the famous people in your district and discuss how they are famous.
  • Name the famous freedom fighter of your district.
  • What is your age, date of birth?
  • What is the date of Bengali and Hijri today?
  • Do you read any dailies? What is the name of the editor?
  • What do you know about Bangabandhu?
  • Tell me about your family.
  • Why should we give you the job?
  • Married? Why did / did not? What are your thoughts on marriage?
  • Do you want to study more? Why not desire?
  • Where have you worked before?
  • What kind of work did you do there?
  • Why did you have to give up that job?

Common Question For Viva

  • Tell us about the environment where you are currently working and your experience? Why do you want to leave?
  • Saw your CV. There are mentions that many have left the job! Why so much gap in the middle of the job?
  • How much job salary do you expect according to your qualifications?
  • From which university / college did you graduate? Subject, what is the thesis?
  • Do you have any publications? Why not participate in a publication?
  • What skills do you have in computer?
  • You may have to work anywhere you need to, do you agree?
  • How do you work with Excel worksheets?
  • So create a worksheet in Excel and find out its average, minimum, maximum, value? What to do to add new rows / columns?
  • Can you type in Bengali and English? What is the typing speed of Bengali and English?
  • Do you use Facebook? Why do
  • What do we know about this organization?
  • What is your weakness?
  • Why should you hire us for this post?

Last Thoughts

Viva Tips and Viva Common Apart from some questions, there are many more. Those of you who have gained new experience in Viva can share it with us if you want. Viva Tips or anything you can share with us, if necessary we will publish viva tips BDJobResults.

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