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Motorcycle Movement Pass

Apply for Movement Pass here. Currently the most talked about issue is the movement pass. Bangladesh Police is introducing Movement Pass to reduce the ‘uncontrolled and unnecessary’ movement of people in the lockdown of Kovid-19 epidemic and to facilitate travel in case of emergency. As a result, the movement pass will have to get out of the house and back. Strict lockdown has been introduced from 14th April which will continue till 21st April. These days, all citizens of Bangladesh have been urged not to go out of the house. This is expected to reduce the risk of corona virus to some extent.

According to the police headquarters, about one and a half lakh applications were received in the first hour of launching the Movement Pass website on Tuesday. And about 15 thousand applications are being submitted every minute. Inspector General of Police Benazir Ahmed inaugurated the Movement Pass website at Rajarbagh Police Lines Auditorium at noon. It was informed at the event that anyone can easily collect the pass by entering the website with some information.

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What is a movement pass, or how to get it?

Not many people know about Movement Pass. Because there was no such system before. So many people have raised questions about the movement pass. What is such a movement pass? How to apply? Movement pass requirements, what are the benefits of the movement pass? What are the problems you may face if you do not apply for movement pass? But there is no reason to worry, I have come up with the correct answer to all your questions.

Movement Pass is usually the process of obtaining a permit from the Bangladesh Police to travel from one place to another for emergency services. Since the incidence of corona is increasing day by day. As no specific vaccine has been discovered so far, proper treatment is not possible. So the government has decided to give a short lockout for some time to prevent the Kovid-19 epidemic.

This will stop the spread of the virus if people do not go out of the house without the need. Hopefully as a good citizen of the country you should abide by it. And I urge you not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. And if you come out, you must apply for the movement pass with the necessary reasons.

Movement Pass Application Requirements


Since the lockdown has been announced by the government’s public administration department, it is mandatory to observe it. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. So the government has introduced a fancy system is the movement pass. This will allow you to go out of the house for a limited time in the next few days with an online movement pass.


Therefore, it can be said that the need to apply for a movement pass in case of going out of the house is immense. What can happen if you go out on the street without a movement pass? If you go out on the street without a pass, you may have to answer to the police at any time. The administration can impose any kind of punishment. May be fined. May be insulted. You may be sent back during the journey.

Necessary information for movement pass


The applicant has to specify from which police station area he will go. Name of the applicant Gender Age Reasons for travel Date and time of use of the pass The expiration date and time of the pass Identity card, photo. National identity card as identity card Driving license Passport Birth registration or student ID card can be used.

Apply for Movement Pass Through Online


Movement Pass application method is online. You have to go to the official website of Bangladesh Police through online and make the application with the required information. In this case, your application will not be accepted except for specific reasons. And if you go out of the house without an application, you may have to answer to the police. In this case, the mobile police officer can also impose a fine. So be careful. Anyway let’s now discuss in detail the rules of application for movement pass.


  • First turn on your mobile / computer data.
  • Then go to the official website of the movement created by the police.
  • This is
  • Must give an active mobile phone number at the beginning.
  • The applicant will be asked where to go.
  • That information has to be given step by step.
  • Then the applicant has to upload a picture and submit the form.
  • Movement pass will be issued on the basis of the information provided by the applicant in the submitted form.
  • The pass can be downloaded from the website.
  • Members of the on-duty police will have to show the pass while moving in the lockdown.

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Apply for Movement Pass

Movement pass will be effective for all those jobs

Passes can be applied for exit for grocery shopping, raw materials, purchase of medicines, medical, employment, agriculture, transportation of goods, supply of goods, distribution of relief, wholesale retail purchase, tourism, funeral, business and other urgent reasons. Movement pass is required to travel outside Dhaka. Besides, multiple passes cannot be taken with one mobile number. Every time a pass is required for travel, a pass can be used once. You have to apply for two separate passes to come and go. However, Benazir Ahmed said that journalists would be exempted from displaying movement passes.

Last word

Hopefully no one will apply for a pass unnecessarily during this crisis with false excuses. We are not forcing anyone to take a movement pass. This is being seen as support. If necessary, go out, wear a mask when you go out of the house and clean the house with sanitizer from outside. You need to make sure that your loved one is not infected with Corona.

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