Singer Akbar Ali Cause of death

Singer Akbar Ali, known for his performance in the popular show ‘Etiyadi’, has passed away. He breathed his last around 3 pm. Dr. under treatment at Bardem General Hospital in the capital Dhaka. His wife Kaniz Fatema confirmed this to Bangladesh online and offline newspaper. Earlier on Wednesday, when his physical condition deteriorated, he was put on life support at the hospital. The singer was taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) when he suddenly fell ill on November 5. At that time, his wife said that preparations were made to take him to India for treatment, but he suddenly fell ill and had to be admitted to Bardem General Hospital. Singer Akbar Ali was suffering from various complications for a long time. His right leg was recently amputated due to complications.

Singer Akbar Ali Died

He has been suffering from various physical complications for about 8 years. Finally one of the artist Akbar Ali’s legs had to be amputated. After a few days of treatment, doctors amputated the lower part of his right leg at a private hospital in the capital on Sunday. Doctors and family members said that even though he feels healthy now, he will never be able to return to a normal life. On behalf of the family, prayers and cooperation have been requested for Akbar. Singer Akbar is no more.

Akbar Ali passes away

No one else will sing in such a mellow tone. Musician Akbar is now a frozen body after losing the love of the world and making his relatives cry. The sound of Akbar’s wife crying. Mourning the pain of losing a loved one in the hospital yard. Famous musician Akbar passed away on Sunday. He will be buried next to his mother’s grave in Jessore.

Singer Akbar Popular Songs

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  • Bidhi Amar Nalish
  • Tomake Pawer Por, O Premre,
  • Valobese Ekhono Ki
  • Matir o Je Pori Hoy
  • Kandere Kande, Tomay Valobese
  • Jodi Tomar Kache,
  • Gele Somoy Ar
  • Deyecho Je Kosto
  • , Tomar Hater
  • , Hotath Dekha
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