SSC Scholarship Result 2024 – All Education Board Scholarship Result Download PDF

Congratulation those are achieve talent pool and general scholarship in SSC. Even thanks who have made a good result in SSC Exam 2024. Recently SSC Scholarship Result 2024 has published on education board official website. After a long wait, the 2024 SSC Exam has finally held. The SSC 2024 exam could not be taken on time due to corona conditions. However, the SSC candidates are happy that the examination was held in the end even though it was late.

SSC Scholarship 2024 Merit List PDF Download

Secondary School Certificate is one of the largest public exam in Bangladesh. SSC Scholarship 2024 Merit List PDF is ready for download.

Terms and conditions for SSC Scholarship 2024

In order to get SSC Scholarship, students have to have some eligibility as per the guidelines of the Board of Education. First condition students must have to be a citizen of Bangladesh. Second condition is for city corporation student have achieve GPA-5.00 without 4th subject. Third condition is for rural area student have to achieve at least GPA-4.83. Above all Students from rural areas will get more priority in SSC Scholarship. 

2024 SSC Scholarship Result Download PDF

Download SSC Scholarship Result 2024 all education board. We pray for your bright future and wish you can go ahead in your study life.

SSC Scholarship Durability

Many students ask frequently that, about SSC Scholarship duration. Even, SSC Scholarship Amount and types. Today we are going to give all questions answer related SSC scholarship. SSC Scholarship two type . First Talent Pool and second General Scholarship. One student will get 400 rupees per month. Which will stand at 4800 rupees in 1 year. He will be paid SSC scholarship for a total of 2 years.

Benefits of SSC Scholarship

Usually students from poor families are given scholarships by the government to keep their studies going. This is a timely initiative of the Government of Bangladesh to reduce the rate of education. Most of the students in rural areas cannot study due to lack of money. As a result, many students are being deprived of education every year. It is very difficult for a day laborer to cover the cost of education of his children including the household expenses. As a result, there are meritorious students who have stopped studying only due to lack of money. The government has arranged scholarships for these meritorious students in several stages to continue their studies.

  • With the scholarship money students will be able to buy necessary things including books.
  • It is possible to pay the examination fee including purchase of clothes and bags with the money paid by the scholarship.
  • Above all, as long as a student studies, he can continue to pay for his own study with the scholarship money.

How to check Scholarship Result Of SSC 2024?

People who are looking for ssc scholarship result 2024 all board welcome them to our website. We provide Scholarship Result Of SSC 2024 PDF file. So that you can easily download Board wise SSC Scholarship Result.

  • First of all you need to visit your own board website against which you participated in SSC exam.
  • Find out the notice board from the homepage.
  • Download SSC Scholarship Result PDF.
  • Open the Scholarship Result PDF file by using adobe reader software.
  • Search by roll number.
  • If you find your name in the list then congratulation.

Dhaka Board SSC Scholarship Result

SSC Scholarship Result 2024 Dhaka Board is running successfully. For more details visit

Mymensingh Board SSC Scholarship Result


Rajshahi Board SSC Scholarship Result


Comilla Board SSC Scholarship Result


Sylhet Board SSC Scholarship Result


Barisal Board SSC Scholarship Result


Jessore Board SSC Scholarship Result


Chittagong Board SSC Scholarship Result


Dinajpur Board SSC Scholarship Result


Madrasah Board SSC Scholarship Result


Technical Board SSC Scholarship Result

Last Words

Finally, we are happy to give you 2024 SSC Scholarship Result PDF file. Download SSC Scholarship Merit list and check by roll number. If you can find out your name then check your position. At last, thank you everyone for spend your time with us.

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