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Friends today we are going to know about such a person who is a famous writer, director and actress. She is the popular artist Tatiana Zappardino. He was born on 2 October 1989 in San Diego, California, USA. He is an American Christian humane. Zappardino is a man of skill and experience. He is associated with many organizations. He attended Kent State University and Liberty University. Zapardino also earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Jacksonville University. Tatiana Zappardino is the principal representative of Newday USA Veteran Home Loans.

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  Although Tatiana is a familiar face to everyone, she usually does not give any information about her on Wikipedia or social media. Even unwilling to give any information about his family or parents. But according to sources, it is known that he is single. He lives with his parents. Currently he lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Reportedly, she started an all-female sketch group in the Atlanta area. Which is called Fine China Comedy. A pilot was developed from this fine china comedy. Which is called Swiped. Tatiana has also acted in films including Swiped, Between and Asking for It. He is an entertainer, writer and presenter.

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Tatiana is Latino, of Middle Eastern European descent. He is fluent in Italian and Spanish. She is an actress, producer, second Marine Corps lieutenant and president of Newday USA. Tatiana Zappardino is famous for her role in the entertainer, prejudice-free and conscious development of the TV series Talk So. He stood by helpless women, entertainment women workers. Zappardino has helped all people in danger. He was also engaged in various social activities. Tatiana was recently honor with the SFCT People’s Choice Award 2015.

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 Zappardino started working from a very young age and has also traveled to many places as a volunteer. However, he was professionally appointed as Assistant Director of Debbie’s Angels Productions in 2013. There he trained warm-up exercises, vocal exercises and stage technique training to young actors of different ages. He kept this work only for one year. Later he hosted a trade show. Tatiana has earned many accolades in her career as a writer, actress, director. She also earned a lot of money for her role as Tilly on SyFy’s Superstition. Among the organizations he has worked for are Head Office and Services, Public Affairs, US Jesco International Limited, Community Theater and has also acted in television shows and films.

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Although he is more complete, his standard of living is the same as that of a common man. Tatiana Zappardino Net Worth She is a writer, actress, director, producer second lieutenant and head of New Day USA. His Net Worth is not list on Wikipedia. However, Zappardino has an estimated net worth of $100,000. He also earned money as a director and screenwriter. Tatiana’s net worth is report to be between $1 and $5 million. But he is well known as a simple and modest person.

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So far we have known about Tatiana Zappardino’s life. However, many people may want to know more about him, such as his age, physical structure, appearance, height, profession, family, etc. We are also discussing about that in detail.


Name : Tatiana Zappardino

Birth date : October 2, 1989

Age : 31

Gender : Female

Height  : 5  fit 7 inches

Weight : 66 kg

Birthday : NA

Birthplace : United States

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Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Ethnicity :  Mixed

Nationality : American

Sexuality : Straight

Religion : Christianity

Relationship : single

Body Type : 34-24-35 inches

Eye Color : Hazel

Hair Color : Dark Brown

Shoe Size : 7 (U.S.)

Profession : Actress, Writer, Director

Education : Jacksonville University

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  • Facebook = www facebook com / tatianazappardino
  • Twitter = twitter com / tatianazappardino
  • Instagram = instagram com / tatianazappardino

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